The last chapter


All of us must have gone through a phase where holding on to something was nothing but a sheer waste of time. We always try to fool ourselves with things which we want to believe and try to escape from the reality.

When the chapter finally comes to an end we try to rewrite it a hundred times to make the ending according to what we have always longed for. We try to erase, scratch and do every bit we can to write an end that everyone would love to read.

When the end is near we wait for the person to take a stand. That moment when we feel; we are just seconds away from a feeling that could change our lives drastically. While the other person makes an effort and finally those words jump out of his mouth “I can’t do it.”

We on the other hand somewhere had a feeling that the three words would be “I choose you” but as they say; brewing stories in your fantasy world will always disappoint you.

It’s better to let go and close the chapter instead of dragging it for life. It’s all about choices. You can’t stick to the last page and hope for a new beginning.  It’s same as you can’t hope for the sun to rise if you keep counting stars.

Some things are never meant to happen. God has given us a beautiful life. So lets just accept the fact and make the most out of it. 


Back in the high school days


“This is the last time I am asking you this; put my name on the top of your list.
This is the last time I am asking you why; you break my heart in the blink of an eye.”

This song reminds me of the high school days when our first break up took us years to get back on the track. Days went by weeping and beseeching to get our love back; dialing that no. again and again, reading those texts a zillion times. Those broken hearts actually made us strong and capable of what we are today. Cheers to all the high school lovers!!

A moment of joy


Many of us feel that our life is the most tragic one on earth.  It’s very easy to crib about your life. Take out some alone time and think for a while; you’ll always think about things that went wrong, people who left you behind, things that made you weak or things that turned your life upside down.

The feeling of falling in love- Even if things didn’t work out; think about the good times, think about the moment when you were getting ready for your first date, think about how you crossed your fingers as you entered the coffee shop, think about how a peck made you blush. That’s a moment of joy.

The days of participation- Even if you didn’t win; think about the days you spent practicing for it, think about the classes you bunked, think about the friends you made during the competition, think about the people hooting for you, think about the adrenaline rush before the final countdown. That’s a moment of joy.

Introducing your boyfriend to your parents- Even if your parents were unsupportive at first; think about how a positive vibe drops in, think about how your parents tease you all the time, think about how your dad becomes a lot more caring, think about how your family suddenly seems complete. That’s a moment of joy.

Getting your first paycheck- Even if you have worked really hard and the amount is small; think about the excitement you undergo as you open the envelope, think about the work you have done to earn those few pennies, think about how proud your parents feel as you give them the cheque. That’s a moment of joy.

Pulling your best friend out of a mess- Even if you had n no. of fights; think about how you were there to hold her hand, think about how you took her for a walk and had Belgian chocolate ice cream, think about how you both had a good laugh after a whole day of mess. That’s a moment of joy.

When your pet asks you to play- Even if you had a tiring day; think about how your pet brings a toy to you wagging its tail, think about how it runs all over the house to show how happy it is, think about how you suddenly forget all your tiredness. That’s a moment of joy.

Be thankful for what you have and learn to count your moments of joy. If you want to lead a positive life no book, no quote will help you. “You” have to start counting the good days and positivity will be knocking on your door. 🙂

We Call It Life

Life is not just about breakups and hardships

Life is about a new beginning every second

We all wonder why did that happen

We feel we are the most unlucky ones on Earth

But the truth is above, a lot above than we can think

Life is about the summer heat

The autumn leaves

The winter smell

Its about how you feel when you do something for yourself

Life is when you get your first Armani or LV thing by yourself.

Its when you start living for what you are

and not for what you lost in the past

Life is when you realise the losers who left you in the past were worthless

Its when you start to believe a cup of coffee alone

would never have been so amazing with a pair of earphones.

Life is when you realise being ALONE doesn’t mean nobody loves you

It actually means you have found the most amazing person on earth

and that’s YOU

You are what you need.

You don’t need anyone else when you have faith in YOU

Its all about YOU and not about people who left you.

Sounds like a tongue twister isn’t it??

This is how it is…”WE CALL IT LIFE”