The last chapter


All of us must have gone through a phase where holding on to something was nothing but a sheer waste of time. We always try to fool ourselves with things which we want to believe and try to escape from the reality.

When the chapter finally comes to an end we try to rewrite it a hundred times to make the ending according to what we have always longed for. We try to erase, scratch and do every bit we can to write an end that everyone would love to read.

When the end is near we wait for the person to take a stand. That moment when we feel; we are just seconds away from a feeling that could change our lives drastically. While the other person makes an effort and finally those words jump out of his mouth “I can’t do it.”

We on the other hand somewhere had a feeling that the three words would be “I choose you” but as they say; brewing stories in your fantasy world will always disappoint you.

It’s better to let go and close the chapter instead of dragging it for life. It’s all about choices. You can’t stick to the last page and hope for a new beginning.  It’s same as you can’t hope for the sun to rise if you keep counting stars.

Some things are never meant to happen. God has given us a beautiful life. So lets just accept the fact and make the most out of it. 


Come out of your shell


One thing that I have learnt lately; if you don’t come out of your comfort zone you will never succeed in life.  2 months back my comfort zone was subjected to applying for virtual internships so that I can easily sit back and work from home. Today I am conducting interviews and hiring interns for the organisation Esteem Youth Foundation.

Now when I look back, it feels good to be on the other side of the table. This wouldn’t have been possible without coming out of the shell and taking up a challenge to prove yourself that you can do much better than what you have done in the past. When I joined this organisation I had a big doubt in my mind whether I’ll be able to keep up with the job or not, but today I have actually done it.

A golden advice to all my fellow readers: You should come out of the shell and take a challenge. Within a month or two you’ll see a drastic change in your attitude towards yourself. Only our inner self is aware of the things we are afraid of. Like I was always afraid of calling corporates, cracking deals, hiring interns; but today I am right here encouraging you all to do the same! It really works. COME OUT OF YOUR SHELL.

Can you have it all?


The life seems so outright when you have it all. Isn’t it; from a perfect loyal boyfriend to a perfect family, from perfect friends to a perfect career. But there is always that one thing, back on your mind bugging you round the clock.

When you are shopping, after buying a dozen of clothes you suddenly realise you are short of bags or heels. After spending so much there is still that one thing; which immediately adds on to your next shopping list. You may not have the space to fit in those dozen of clothes in your closet but you’ll always be up for buying more.

When you have a perfect boyfriend, you’ll always have a doubt in your head; finding out ways to get hold of that one flaw. When your love life is going smooth and steady you always take it as “silence before the storm”. Even when you have it all you always have a question in your mind can I really have it all?

When you have a perfect friend circle- partying all night, spending the next five days to plan your next weekend, wasting time on those non-stop what’s app group chats; you’ll still feel lonely at times. This happens when you have some great friends but you don’t have a boyfriend. When you have a hazy love life you ought to feel deserted sometimes.

You always have that one thing which holds you back from shouting out loud “YES! I HAVE IT ALL”. The fact is no one has it all. Even the richest person may not be happy from inside, even the best relationship may have a tinge of lie and even the most beautiful girl may be missing out on love.

No one has a perfect life. You should be pleased as punch to lead a positive and happy life. Stay blessed: D

Are you wise enough to judge someone?


While sitting on the college staircase, grabbing a quick bite in the canteen, sipping a martini in the club, standing in the metro with your earphones plugged in, rolling your eyes to the corner seat in a movie theatre you’ll find yourself making post-haste judgments.

You see a couple getting little cosy in the metro- look around and you will catch twenty people giving them awful looks. What if they are meeting after a long time? What if they are not allowed to meet each other? What if they are getting married within a month?

You see a girl popping a beer at the bar and you find her hot. You may spend the next few hours dancing with her in the club, but who will think of marrying her in the long run? What happened when you were equally drunk, tapping your feet to the floor all night?

You see a girl playing volleyball with a group of boys and there you are spending the next 45 minutes profiling her from top to bottom. What if she is not up for discussing nail colours and brands? What if she is not interested in the sizzling gossip of the day?

You bump into a girl, buying a cigarette and there you are giving her a second look from head to toe. “Oh so she smokes!” What difference does it make? Perhaps at some point of time, you’ll be the one standing right next to her asking for the same brand and maybe sharing a lighter as well.

You put your display picture with a new guy and there will be a group of people- figuring out the months you have been dating him. There will be n no. of pings on your bbm asking about this new guy. What if he is just a friend?

The whole story revolves around “What if”. Exceptions always exist, I am not prompting people to drink or smoke. It’s just a way of looking at things from a wider perspective. You should know where to draw a line. So from now before judging someone bring in the “What if” factor in you. Mind it; it takes seconds to pass a comment and years to take it back.

Is multiple dating the new trend?

ImageWhen I step out and look around- people holding hands, running to the movie theatre, laughing out loud while waiting for a bus or having greasy chinese across the street, there is so much love in the air.  Another morning walking through the same street, I see old faces with new ones falling in love once again.

Dating two at a time or dating one after another has become the new trend. It is like a relationship safe deposit, that if one fails, there’s the one to hold your hand on a rainy afternoon.There was a time when school term relationships resulted in successful marriages. (Exceptions still exist). People knew the significance of love. Now it’s lust over love, poly-dating over monogamy and flings over relationships.

Everyone has an urge to stand out in the race. The race of hitting a century before you get married. The race of having endless flings and calling it love every-time. The race to explore a dozen before you get a red card for the rest of your life.

The funny part is every time you think he or she is the one, you end up calling it off within a month or so. And the people practicing multi dating are indeed good at it. Some partners take years to find out the truth and face the reality.

It’s more sort of an ego trail where we are too proud to face the truth. If someone left us for no good reason; we get on a hunt to let them down. In the race of letting each other down we fail to encounter true love in our life.

We are going to repeat the history once again where the kings had a dozen of wives. We are at the verge of driving back from where we have emerged. It’s time for us to wear a monogamy hat and bring it back to life.

Our Deep Dark Secrets


What is that one thing which travels with you anonymously? Is there something which the world doesn’t know about you? And by world I mean your confined world. Is there something that no one knows? From your family to your friends, from your boyfriend to your pet there is always that one thing which keeps your conscious at stake. We all are born actors. We pretend to be what people want us to be.

To pretend to be an obedient son or daughter- Even if you sneak out, pull your socks down and make an extra fold to your skirt as soon as you get on the bus, smoke a pack of cigarette every day, the n no. of one night stands you have had so far everything is a secret.

To pretend to be a loyal lover- Our eyes never get off, as we come across an eye candy. Cheating physically is typical; what about cheating mentally? Don’t you give a second look as a smoking hot opposite sex passes by? Some may even fantasize him or her as soon as they get back but still are called loyal lovers.

There are some things which are unsaid and travel with you from cradle to grave. Even at your best sleepover, where you tend to share your secrets with your friends, there will be some things which will never come out of your mouth. Even with your best friend you pretend to be what he or she wants you to be.

Do you really want these secrets to be unsaid or you are too proud to let them out. Think and pen down your deep dark secrets on a piece of paper and flush them out of your life.  Writing makes you start a fresh. Get hold of a pen and paper and trust me you can keep your conscious clear for the rest of your life.


Life of a single college girl – Icona Pop ( I don’t care I love it)

As you enter the college gate making your way through the crowd there will be n number of people scanning you from top to bottom. The news is spread like fire and it travels back to you “Oh! So you are single”. Gradually people engage in a deeper conversation trying to dig your past and calling them your best friends.

You’ll find people judging you on the way you dress, the no. of guy friends you have, the number of friends on your bbm list, everything calls for a discussion and mind it these will be none other than your own friends. One day I suddenly  encountered a rapid fire round. “Why do you have to talk to every other guy “and “Why do you need a boyfriend when you have us?”

Firstly “Would the question have been the same if I would be having more of girlfriends?” I asked and there was a bunch of blank faces. Even if you have 10 guy friends there is no harm in having the 11th one. What matters is choose your friends wisely. Ironically all these advices always come from a group of committed of people.

Secondly I turned the bottle towards them “Why do you have one when you have us?” and once again they had nothing to say. You need one to share things with, which you can’t share with them. You need one to make you feel special and different in this world. You need one, not because they have one but to be happy in your own little world.

Being single is not a curse. Being unhappy about it is surely a sin. What if you have a bad past? Everyone does. It doesn’t mean you have a red flag for the rest of your life. As I always believe being single is the best phase of your life.

And that is why I don’t care I love it.

We Call It Life

Life is not just about breakups and hardships

Life is about a new beginning every second

We all wonder why did that happen

We feel we are the most unlucky ones on Earth

But the truth is above, a lot above than we can think

Life is about the summer heat

The autumn leaves

The winter smell

Its about how you feel when you do something for yourself

Life is when you get your first Armani or LV thing by yourself.

Its when you start living for what you are

and not for what you lost in the past

Life is when you realise the losers who left you in the past were worthless

Its when you start to believe a cup of coffee alone

would never have been so amazing with a pair of earphones.

Life is when you realise being ALONE doesn’t mean nobody loves you

It actually means you have found the most amazing person on earth

and that’s YOU

You are what you need.

You don’t need anyone else when you have faith in YOU

Its all about YOU and not about people who left you.

Sounds like a tongue twister isn’t it??

This is how it is…”WE CALL IT LIFE”