Delhi as I see it


When I started gathering pictures and videos for this project I didn’t have a clue; what I was going to make. It took me a lot of days to find a unique answer for Delhi as I see it. Gradually I realised that Delhi can’t be seen from one point of you. Being the capital of India, Delhi has it all.

From regular college days to grabing a quick bite at Hudson Lane. From the new hub for youngsters: Hauz Khas Village to the heart of Delhi: Connaught Place.
Going for a street photography class and spending time at Agrasen ki baoli.
Delhi’s nightlife is pretty amazing. I like exploring new cafes, clubs ,restaurants. It feels good when you get to see live international concerts in none other than our capital Delhi.

So in conclusion, I see Delhi as a place where there is so much to explore, so much to try; it is like an endless road that can never come to an end.