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Esteem Youth Foundation


Esteem Youth Foundation

Esteem Youth Foundation is an organisation working for the empowerment of the underprivileged youth. There are a lot of students all over India who lack in areas of self confidence, correct guidance, career opportunities etc. Its time for us to bridge the gap and build a common platform for the youth to interact and bring a positive change in the country. Its a pleasure to be a part of such an organisation. Looking forward to work with the EYF team!! 😀

Do we really need to forgive?


Lately while thinking about forgiveness I got caught up in a dilemma; whether to rise above and let go things or should we carry that grudge to the grave. A lot of people believe that “whoever forgives first is the strongest”.  The whole story revolves around is the person worth forgiving?

When it comes to your cheating partner I would suggest never forgive him/her; the reason being even if you do manage to forgive him/her you will never build that trust again. Forgiving may become a part of your relationship but forgetting would never be on your list. You’ll gradually end up parting ways.

When it comes to your relatives, (they are on my hit list). Living in the 21st century you’ll still find some people bugging and compelling you to mark their words as the final truth. Always remember one thing you are only answerable to your family and no one else. These people intentionally forget to draw a line between your family and themselves. Forgiving these people is not a good option.

When it comes to your friends, I think here you can wave a green flag. It’s a YES!! You spend almost half of your day with them and you tend to get into stupid arguments which sooner or later you are not really proud of. Forgiving them only makes your bond stronger.

So keeping all the quotes and even my words aside for a while, just ask yourself one thing before forgiving a person “Is he/she really worth it?” It is always good to let go things only if the person is worth a second chance. Forgive only when you can forget forever!!

Back in the high school days


“This is the last time I am asking you this; put my name on the top of your list.
This is the last time I am asking you why; you break my heart in the blink of an eye.”

This song reminds me of the high school days when our first break up took us years to get back on the track. Days went by weeping and beseeching to get our love back; dialing that no. again and again, reading those texts a zillion times. Those broken hearts actually made us strong and capable of what we are today. Cheers to all the high school lovers!!

It’s time to shed those extra 5kgs

To all the workout freaks…!!

It’s time for you to say goodbye to the winter weight and get into the workout mood. Throughout the summer you do whatever it takes to get rid of those extra 5kgs but the moment winter arrives your power workout goes in vain.

Those lazy winter mornings and chilly evenings keeps you miles away from your workout routine. Having four instead of three meals never come to notice until you revert back to your tang tops and shots.

After the entire KFC craving and irresistible greasy Chinese it’s time to get back to salads and oats. Being my first day at the gym today, I hope to shed those extra 5kgs and soon get back in shape! 😀

Nini in the neighborhood


Nini in the neighborhood

Did I ever mention I am an animal lover? It’s time to reveal a little secret to all my fellow readers; I love to have pets around. Four years back I found a one month old puppy wandering in my locality. I couldn’t stop myself from taking him home. On 1st July 2011 he became a part of our family.

At first, everybody had the same question in their mind “Why a stray dog?’’ I don’t understand what is so bizarre about having a stray dog at your place. In fact stray dogs are friendlier than other breeds. Adopting an abandoned is much better than biding for an expensive dog.

Nonu, I know his name sounds funny but that was the first word that came out of my mouth, when I saw him all soaked in mud. He is my only stress reliever and the best listener. Lately, he has found a new friend. Her name is Nini and she comes to our place twice a day.

To make her presence felt Nini scratches the door with her paws and there comes Nonu rushing towards the door barking at the top of his voice to drive her away. It is so cute to see the two of them expressing themselves in their own tongue. Back in my childhood I used to hear rivalry stories about cats and dogs but witnessing one is so much fun.

Sloshed nights at Skooter


As soon as the weekend shows up I look for my party heels and try to fit in that little dress hanging in my closet. I don’t know what is there about these weekends, every other club is jam packed but as per Zomato’s rating Skooter is the best club in Delhi.

People all over taunt me “Is Skooter your second home?” I won’t say it is my second home but that club is surely worth spending a Wednesday, Friday or Saturday night. Every time I go to Skooter I manage to make some new friends.

Deejay Simz is one of the best Deejay’s who make you boogie down to the beats all night. With the photographer Roy Raymond Henderson one can surely count on for good pictures. With often visiting Skooter, I literally have a dozen of photographs all worth a second look. After all it is always the person behind the Camera who makes you look prettier and make each and every night a memorable one.

The bar tenders treat you so well that one can’t stop before having a couple of drinks. After having three to four cosmopolitans I am ready to make my way through the crowd spilling drinks on people around and start grooving to the beats.

When I am dancing only one song comes to my mind “I don’t care I love it”. Getting sloshed with my girlfriends reminds me of the song “Everybody in the club all eyes on us”. Though my head literally starts spinning after a while but I keep dancing till the last song.

So to all the people who were really keen to know why I often visit Skooter, I guess this post explains it all. To the ones who haven’t been there yet, trust me you are missing out on some real fun. My fellow readers, who are staying in different parts of the world, do plan a Friday or Saturday Night to Skooter when you come to Delhi (India).

A final goodbye to 2013


With 2013 rowing to the shore it’s time for us to say a final goodbye to another wonderful year. Every year has something bizarre about it. Some people have pleasant experiences throughout the year while some wait for another year to get over there sorrows. This year means a lot to me. I owe a post to this year, so here it goes….

As soon as the calendar flipped to 2013 it brought an influx of positivity in my life. When I looked up in the sky I found millions of stars working in my favour. I discovered a new ‘me’. As I always say there is still a lot to unfold, this year has added a lot of new chapters to my life.

My love for writing was restricted to my personal diary and now here I am writing this post and sharing it with all my fellow readers. This year has given me a lot of will power to get rid of some lousy habits and adopt new qualities making me a better person.

With turning 20 this year I think I have enjoyed my last teen to the fullest. From n number of clubbing nights to unforgettable college days, from discovering my love for cosmopolitan to exploring each and every new place in Delhi, this year has given me a lot to cherish all my life.

After going through all the ups and downs of 2013 I feel every end has a new beginning. It’s for us to decide whether we have to weep over our sorrows or enjoy each and every moment of life. So let’s welcome 2014 with a positive heart and stride towards a new beginning.

Happy New Year 🙂

The Guy You Never End Up With


You all have flings out of which some are good to recall while some are not less than a nightmare. Going out on a couple of days, trying to scan each other and there you go towards a new beginning. The three words quickly slip out of your mouth: I LOVE YOU!  It puts an end to your happy go lucky fling and turns into something you are always afraid of “A Relationship”.

The guy who seems all fun and loving in a fling gradually turns out to be someone you can never be with. After dating for a while you think why the hell I quickly nodded my head when he asked me out.  This is either the Facebook guy or someone whom you met through common friends.

The moment you see a red blink on the message bar you quickly open it to check who it is. Ahh! There he is sitting in your inbox with no mutual friends. If he has a good display picture you have a smile on your face. You quickly thumb through his profile keeping your fingers crossed.

If all seems fine you cannot stop yourself from replying him back. After exchanging few messages you exchange your pin or numbers and head towards the next station i.e “The first date”. When the first date goes out well you keep jumping from one station to another in a hurry to catch the train.

In a month everything comes to an end. What went wrong? “There was no halt”. To make a relationship successful you need to give time and a lot of patience. Skipping stations will only lead you to the wrong destination. If you really like the guy don’t let him know that before a month or two.

So he is the guy you never end up with. He may be sitting in your inbox or hiding behind some of your common friend. From now, the moment you come across any such guy remember to take halts and build a relationship that lasts forever.

Can you have it all?


The life seems so outright when you have it all. Isn’t it; from a perfect loyal boyfriend to a perfect family, from perfect friends to a perfect career. But there is always that one thing, back on your mind bugging you round the clock.

When you are shopping, after buying a dozen of clothes you suddenly realise you are short of bags or heels. After spending so much there is still that one thing; which immediately adds on to your next shopping list. You may not have the space to fit in those dozen of clothes in your closet but you’ll always be up for buying more.

When you have a perfect boyfriend, you’ll always have a doubt in your head; finding out ways to get hold of that one flaw. When your love life is going smooth and steady you always take it as “silence before the storm”. Even when you have it all you always have a question in your mind can I really have it all?

When you have a perfect friend circle- partying all night, spending the next five days to plan your next weekend, wasting time on those non-stop what’s app group chats; you’ll still feel lonely at times. This happens when you have some great friends but you don’t have a boyfriend. When you have a hazy love life you ought to feel deserted sometimes.

You always have that one thing which holds you back from shouting out loud “YES! I HAVE IT ALL”. The fact is no one has it all. Even the richest person may not be happy from inside, even the best relationship may have a tinge of lie and even the most beautiful girl may be missing out on love.

No one has a perfect life. You should be pleased as punch to lead a positive and happy life. Stay blessed: D