Nini in the neighborhood


Nini in the neighborhood

Did I ever mention I am an animal lover? It’s time to reveal a little secret to all my fellow readers; I love to have pets around. Four years back I found a one month old puppy wandering in my locality. I couldn’t stop myself from taking him home. On 1st July 2011 he became a part of our family.

At first, everybody had the same question in their mind “Why a stray dog?’’ I don’t understand what is so bizarre about having a stray dog at your place. In fact stray dogs are friendlier than other breeds. Adopting an abandoned is much better than biding for an expensive dog.

Nonu, I know his name sounds funny but that was the first word that came out of my mouth, when I saw him all soaked in mud. He is my only stress reliever and the best listener. Lately, he has found a new friend. Her name is Nini and she comes to our place twice a day.

To make her presence felt Nini scratches the door with her paws and there comes Nonu rushing towards the door barking at the top of his voice to drive her away. It is so cute to see the two of them expressing themselves in their own tongue. Back in my childhood I used to hear rivalry stories about cats and dogs but witnessing one is so much fun.


The Guy You Never End Up With


You all have flings out of which some are good to recall while some are not less than a nightmare. Going out on a couple of days, trying to scan each other and there you go towards a new beginning. The three words quickly slip out of your mouth: I LOVE YOU!  It puts an end to your happy go lucky fling and turns into something you are always afraid of “A Relationship”.

The guy who seems all fun and loving in a fling gradually turns out to be someone you can never be with. After dating for a while you think why the hell I quickly nodded my head when he asked me out.  This is either the Facebook guy or someone whom you met through common friends.

The moment you see a red blink on the message bar you quickly open it to check who it is. Ahh! There he is sitting in your inbox with no mutual friends. If he has a good display picture you have a smile on your face. You quickly thumb through his profile keeping your fingers crossed.

If all seems fine you cannot stop yourself from replying him back. After exchanging few messages you exchange your pin or numbers and head towards the next station i.e “The first date”. When the first date goes out well you keep jumping from one station to another in a hurry to catch the train.

In a month everything comes to an end. What went wrong? “There was no halt”. To make a relationship successful you need to give time and a lot of patience. Skipping stations will only lead you to the wrong destination. If you really like the guy don’t let him know that before a month or two.

So he is the guy you never end up with. He may be sitting in your inbox or hiding behind some of your common friend. From now, the moment you come across any such guy remember to take halts and build a relationship that lasts forever.

Sex and the City for Life


With the plethora of watching sex and the city here I am dedicating this post to my girls, whom I can always count on. Though we are still 19 and not one of those independent single women in their late 30s but we surely have a lot in common.

Me and my other two girls (it’s just the three of us) have been together for almost six years now, having similar encounters in our lives. Miranda who is very career oriented plus the best adviser; Samantha who is bold, good at PR and always up for some fun (I know you are going to kill me for this).

I do not count myself as Carrie just because I write but also because I have a Mr.Big in my life ironically with whom I will never end up. I have Aidan as well who will always be close to my heart but Big will always remain a part of me. Yes there was Berger who was awfully cute and a Petrovsky as well and I am sure there are many more to come. I wish I had a Stanford Blatch never mind maybe I’ll meet one in the coming years.

The Carrie in me is someone who is always up for dinners, partying every weekend, writing when she is alone, shopping like it is the last day on earth, spending alone time, hiding her emotions and portraying herself as a strong, fun woman. Yes it is me!

Coming back to the girls, I have realised one thing that we can surely be each other’s soul mates. Sometimes I feel I have a little bit of Charlotte in me with the entire optimistic attitude, very delicate about relationships, not easily giving in.

Even when you don’t have it all if you have friends like them, one can never be tipped over. This is me and my girls and I hope that I’ll be writing this post once again in my late 30’s cherishing some more memories with you all.

Cheers. Keep smiling 😀

I am a Wo ‘man’


Many renowned philosophers have written impeccable thesis on how a woman is indeed a powerful creation of god. Thousands of poets and authors have done there bit in the past and are still working on proving that women are no less than men. Here I am trying to unfold a woman’s life through my eyes.

Woman the word itself says wo“man”. Only a woman holds the dual power to take the charge of being a woman as well as a man. Have you ever wondered why a girl is called “beta” (boy in Hindi) at times while the boy is always the “beta” and never the “beti” (Girl in Hindi)? That is because only a beti can be a beta for her family as and when required.

From the moment the doctor cuts the umbilical cord and announces “It’s a baby girl” take it as a blessing of god because only a girl can be a boy when it comes to protecting her family, only a girl can be herself when it comes to making her parents proud, only a girl willingly supports her family even when she gets married. Hence, only she has the power to act as “he” as well.

From high school she learns how her first relationship (which she thought was love) was just a trailer of the rough life ahead. She laughs out loud hiding her tears behind, learning to move on. Only she knows how it feels while taking the 7th phera, leaving all the memories behind and accepting her partner’s last name for the rest of her life.

She has it all, from being a baby girl to a daughter, from being a wife to a mother, she has the power to keep the universe alive. She is the source of life and one can never underestimate her importance. This one is to all the beautiful women for being so patient and devoting all your life and to all the men who must value her for being an unconditional support throughout their life.

Is multiple dating the new trend?

ImageWhen I step out and look around- people holding hands, running to the movie theatre, laughing out loud while waiting for a bus or having greasy chinese across the street, there is so much love in the air.  Another morning walking through the same street, I see old faces with new ones falling in love once again.

Dating two at a time or dating one after another has become the new trend. It is like a relationship safe deposit, that if one fails, there’s the one to hold your hand on a rainy afternoon.There was a time when school term relationships resulted in successful marriages. (Exceptions still exist). People knew the significance of love. Now it’s lust over love, poly-dating over monogamy and flings over relationships.

Everyone has an urge to stand out in the race. The race of hitting a century before you get married. The race of having endless flings and calling it love every-time. The race to explore a dozen before you get a red card for the rest of your life.

The funny part is every time you think he or she is the one, you end up calling it off within a month or so. And the people practicing multi dating are indeed good at it. Some partners take years to find out the truth and face the reality.

It’s more sort of an ego trail where we are too proud to face the truth. If someone left us for no good reason; we get on a hunt to let them down. In the race of letting each other down we fail to encounter true love in our life.

We are going to repeat the history once again where the kings had a dozen of wives. We are at the verge of driving back from where we have emerged. It’s time for us to wear a monogamy hat and bring it back to life.

Our Deep Dark Secrets


What is that one thing which travels with you anonymously? Is there something which the world doesn’t know about you? And by world I mean your confined world. Is there something that no one knows? From your family to your friends, from your boyfriend to your pet there is always that one thing which keeps your conscious at stake. We all are born actors. We pretend to be what people want us to be.

To pretend to be an obedient son or daughter- Even if you sneak out, pull your socks down and make an extra fold to your skirt as soon as you get on the bus, smoke a pack of cigarette every day, the n no. of one night stands you have had so far everything is a secret.

To pretend to be a loyal lover- Our eyes never get off, as we come across an eye candy. Cheating physically is typical; what about cheating mentally? Don’t you give a second look as a smoking hot opposite sex passes by? Some may even fantasize him or her as soon as they get back but still are called loyal lovers.

There are some things which are unsaid and travel with you from cradle to grave. Even at your best sleepover, where you tend to share your secrets with your friends, there will be some things which will never come out of your mouth. Even with your best friend you pretend to be what he or she wants you to be.

Do you really want these secrets to be unsaid or you are too proud to let them out. Think and pen down your deep dark secrets on a piece of paper and flush them out of your life.  Writing makes you start a fresh. Get hold of a pen and paper and trust me you can keep your conscious clear for the rest of your life.


Life of a single college girl – Icona Pop ( I don’t care I love it)

As you enter the college gate making your way through the crowd there will be n number of people scanning you from top to bottom. The news is spread like fire and it travels back to you “Oh! So you are single”. Gradually people engage in a deeper conversation trying to dig your past and calling them your best friends.

You’ll find people judging you on the way you dress, the no. of guy friends you have, the number of friends on your bbm list, everything calls for a discussion and mind it these will be none other than your own friends. One day I suddenly  encountered a rapid fire round. “Why do you have to talk to every other guy “and “Why do you need a boyfriend when you have us?”

Firstly “Would the question have been the same if I would be having more of girlfriends?” I asked and there was a bunch of blank faces. Even if you have 10 guy friends there is no harm in having the 11th one. What matters is choose your friends wisely. Ironically all these advices always come from a group of committed of people.

Secondly I turned the bottle towards them “Why do you have one when you have us?” and once again they had nothing to say. You need one to share things with, which you can’t share with them. You need one to make you feel special and different in this world. You need one, not because they have one but to be happy in your own little world.

Being single is not a curse. Being unhappy about it is surely a sin. What if you have a bad past? Everyone does. It doesn’t mean you have a red flag for the rest of your life. As I always believe being single is the best phase of your life.

And that is why I don’t care I love it.

Is longing for things our first priority?


What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we wake up?                                     Some try to recall their dreams, some pray while some hope for something good to happen. Singles long to get mingle, while those are committed long to take their relationship a step further. We all long for something the moment we wake up!      

Our day starts with longing for something special to happen while our day ends with waiting for the next day and the chain goes on. Satisfaction is the last thing one can think of. Rest our whole life revolves around longing for things and making them a part of our life ; that part of life which is irreplaceable.

It comes before our needs and our good deeds, comes before our grief and even our daily meals. It should be needs before wants, trust before love to avoid all the fuss. Only then our priorities will change. There will be satisfaction before greed and longing for things will be our last plead.

We Call It Life

Life is not just about breakups and hardships

Life is about a new beginning every second

We all wonder why did that happen

We feel we are the most unlucky ones on Earth

But the truth is above, a lot above than we can think

Life is about the summer heat

The autumn leaves

The winter smell

Its about how you feel when you do something for yourself

Life is when you get your first Armani or LV thing by yourself.

Its when you start living for what you are

and not for what you lost in the past

Life is when you realise the losers who left you in the past were worthless

Its when you start to believe a cup of coffee alone

would never have been so amazing with a pair of earphones.

Life is when you realise being ALONE doesn’t mean nobody loves you

It actually means you have found the most amazing person on earth

and that’s YOU

You are what you need.

You don’t need anyone else when you have faith in YOU

Its all about YOU and not about people who left you.

Sounds like a tongue twister isn’t it??

This is how it is…”WE CALL IT LIFE”