What next?

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The day you have a feather in your cap what is your instant reaction? Now that you have achieved something BIG this is it. Getting phone calls for a month, updating Facebook status, uploading pictures, recalling those proud moments; after a while everything comes to square one. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself “Hello there is still a lot to achieve”.
This has been the case with me since my childhood; even my astrologer once said I can never stop. I like things moving. So what have you learnt from your achievements so far? Flaunt it or want more?
The world is moving and you have to realise the fact that we are just a bitsy part of this world. Our achievements are confined to a certain circle; say 500-1000 Facebook friends.
If you want to flaunt it, you can flaunt it for life but if you want more then contentment is not an option. The moment you achieve something be ready for a bigger challenge. Never be satisfied with what you have. In the lust of achieving more someday you’ll find yourself in a position where you’ll have more than what you ever thought.


‘Sorry’ is just a five letter word


While driving back home the moment you bump into someone’s car you quickly get out of the car to sort things out. After fighting and negotiating for a while all you are left with is a Sorry. After waiting for 7 mins at the platform you often find yourself in a ready steady and go position; finally making your way through the crowd, you step on someone’s foot and there it goes “Oops I am sorry”. 

Being sorry is like a daily routine. It’s a tried and tested mantra which enables us to quickly get away from a heated situation. We are sorry for being late to the class or for spilling coffee in a Coffee shop. So why do we even expect someone to be Sorry when he or she has really made a big mistake.

We all make mistakes and half of the time we are even sorry about it but there is something more to it. Your mistakes will come to an end with Realisation. Once you have realised your fault; it doesn’t matter whether you have said the magical five letter word or not, your sin is nullified.

Lately I met someone, this someone was sorry for what he did few years back. He was sorry even then but this time his sorry was not just a five letter word; there was a blend of realisation in his voice. That feeling when you want someone to realise his/her mistake and finally you hear those three words “I was wrong” explains it all.

 My suggestion to all the guilty conscious people: Stop being sorry for each and everything. The day you realise your mistake just walk upto the person or drop a text “I was wrong”; this will make your conscious clear and will put a smile on someone’s face. 

So just pick up your cell phones and make someone smile today! 😀 

The last chapter


All of us must have gone through a phase where holding on to something was nothing but a sheer waste of time. We always try to fool ourselves with things which we want to believe and try to escape from the reality.

When the chapter finally comes to an end we try to rewrite it a hundred times to make the ending according to what we have always longed for. We try to erase, scratch and do every bit we can to write an end that everyone would love to read.

When the end is near we wait for the person to take a stand. That moment when we feel; we are just seconds away from a feeling that could change our lives drastically. While the other person makes an effort and finally those words jump out of his mouth “I can’t do it.”

We on the other hand somewhere had a feeling that the three words would be “I choose you” but as they say; brewing stories in your fantasy world will always disappoint you.

It’s better to let go and close the chapter instead of dragging it for life. It’s all about choices. You can’t stick to the last page and hope for a new beginning.  It’s same as you can’t hope for the sun to rise if you keep counting stars.

Some things are never meant to happen. God has given us a beautiful life. So lets just accept the fact and make the most out of it. 

Come out of your shell


One thing that I have learnt lately; if you don’t come out of your comfort zone you will never succeed in life.  2 months back my comfort zone was subjected to applying for virtual internships so that I can easily sit back and work from home. Today I am conducting interviews and hiring interns for the organisation Esteem Youth Foundation.

Now when I look back, it feels good to be on the other side of the table. This wouldn’t have been possible without coming out of the shell and taking up a challenge to prove yourself that you can do much better than what you have done in the past. When I joined this organisation I had a big doubt in my mind whether I’ll be able to keep up with the job or not, but today I have actually done it.

A golden advice to all my fellow readers: You should come out of the shell and take a challenge. Within a month or two you’ll see a drastic change in your attitude towards yourself. Only our inner self is aware of the things we are afraid of. Like I was always afraid of calling corporates, cracking deals, hiring interns; but today I am right here encouraging you all to do the same! It really works. COME OUT OF YOUR SHELL.

Do we really need to forgive?


Lately while thinking about forgiveness I got caught up in a dilemma; whether to rise above and let go things or should we carry that grudge to the grave. A lot of people believe that “whoever forgives first is the strongest”.  The whole story revolves around is the person worth forgiving?

When it comes to your cheating partner I would suggest never forgive him/her; the reason being even if you do manage to forgive him/her you will never build that trust again. Forgiving may become a part of your relationship but forgetting would never be on your list. You’ll gradually end up parting ways.

When it comes to your relatives, (they are on my hit list). Living in the 21st century you’ll still find some people bugging and compelling you to mark their words as the final truth. Always remember one thing you are only answerable to your family and no one else. These people intentionally forget to draw a line between your family and themselves. Forgiving these people is not a good option.

When it comes to your friends, I think here you can wave a green flag. It’s a YES!! You spend almost half of your day with them and you tend to get into stupid arguments which sooner or later you are not really proud of. Forgiving them only makes your bond stronger.

So keeping all the quotes and even my words aside for a while, just ask yourself one thing before forgiving a person “Is he/she really worth it?” It is always good to let go things only if the person is worth a second chance. Forgive only when you can forget forever!!

Can you have it all?


The life seems so outright when you have it all. Isn’t it; from a perfect loyal boyfriend to a perfect family, from perfect friends to a perfect career. But there is always that one thing, back on your mind bugging you round the clock.

When you are shopping, after buying a dozen of clothes you suddenly realise you are short of bags or heels. After spending so much there is still that one thing; which immediately adds on to your next shopping list. You may not have the space to fit in those dozen of clothes in your closet but you’ll always be up for buying more.

When you have a perfect boyfriend, you’ll always have a doubt in your head; finding out ways to get hold of that one flaw. When your love life is going smooth and steady you always take it as “silence before the storm”. Even when you have it all you always have a question in your mind can I really have it all?

When you have a perfect friend circle- partying all night, spending the next five days to plan your next weekend, wasting time on those non-stop what’s app group chats; you’ll still feel lonely at times. This happens when you have some great friends but you don’t have a boyfriend. When you have a hazy love life you ought to feel deserted sometimes.

You always have that one thing which holds you back from shouting out loud “YES! I HAVE IT ALL”. The fact is no one has it all. Even the richest person may not be happy from inside, even the best relationship may have a tinge of lie and even the most beautiful girl may be missing out on love.

No one has a perfect life. You should be pleased as punch to lead a positive and happy life. Stay blessed: D

Pain Teaches You To Move On


‘Pain’ the word itself drives us to a negative world where there is no love, family or friends. We all have dealt with some kind of pain in our life. Pain which took us years to get back on the track, pain which taught us a big lesson or pain which can’t be compared or stated in words. Following are some true incidents that will make you realise your pain is no big and if it is feel good about it; as you are truly a motivation for rest of the world.

On your first break up you must have thought; this is the worst thing that could have happened to you in your entire life. Weeping under the quilt or wandering alone on the streets; you think that is pain. Pain is when even after a love marriage you find your husband cheating on you. It is when after two years of marriage you find your husband’s coffin wrapped in Indian Flag and you are left with a daughter who is barely one year old. She decided to spend the rest of her life alone; bringing up her daughter and giving her the best. She moved on!

On being a part of a conservative family you feel awful looking at others who are wearing what they want, going wherever they want to; but things could have been worse. Think about those unfiled cases where a close relative or sometimes even the father is the one responsible for sexually abusing his daughter. People move on!

Pain is when you find your parents lifeless in front of you, at midnight on a highway. It is when you are only left with your brother who is bed ridden for the rest of his life and unfortunately your relatives turn out to be the ones responsible for the accident. The person is now working and is also taking care of his brother. They moved on!

The 16th December incident; no one of us can ever forget it. Even today I get goose bumps when I think of that young girl being brutally harassed to death by five men. Think about her companion who was there watching the whole incident. He is still alive and is probably trying to move on!

Before feeling bad about little things, be it a break up, a fight with your best friend, your family being unsupportive, you being single, your friends being mean THINK about people who have gone through real pain. The day you’ll realise that your pain is no big and it’s better to thank god for what you have you’ll be the sanest person on the planet.

If you have gone through any such big or bigger pain; think as if god has send you to this earth for some reason and by fighting your pain and moving on you are simply setting an example for rest of the world. Stay blessed 🙂

How to deal with tricks real estate brokers play?

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How to deal with tricks real estate brokers play?

A moment of joy


Many of us feel that our life is the most tragic one on earth.  It’s very easy to crib about your life. Take out some alone time and think for a while; you’ll always think about things that went wrong, people who left you behind, things that made you weak or things that turned your life upside down.

The feeling of falling in love- Even if things didn’t work out; think about the good times, think about the moment when you were getting ready for your first date, think about how you crossed your fingers as you entered the coffee shop, think about how a peck made you blush. That’s a moment of joy.

The days of participation- Even if you didn’t win; think about the days you spent practicing for it, think about the classes you bunked, think about the friends you made during the competition, think about the people hooting for you, think about the adrenaline rush before the final countdown. That’s a moment of joy.

Introducing your boyfriend to your parents- Even if your parents were unsupportive at first; think about how a positive vibe drops in, think about how your parents tease you all the time, think about how your dad becomes a lot more caring, think about how your family suddenly seems complete. That’s a moment of joy.

Getting your first paycheck- Even if you have worked really hard and the amount is small; think about the excitement you undergo as you open the envelope, think about the work you have done to earn those few pennies, think about how proud your parents feel as you give them the cheque. That’s a moment of joy.

Pulling your best friend out of a mess- Even if you had n no. of fights; think about how you were there to hold her hand, think about how you took her for a walk and had Belgian chocolate ice cream, think about how you both had a good laugh after a whole day of mess. That’s a moment of joy.

When your pet asks you to play- Even if you had a tiring day; think about how your pet brings a toy to you wagging its tail, think about how it runs all over the house to show how happy it is, think about how you suddenly forget all your tiredness. That’s a moment of joy.

Be thankful for what you have and learn to count your moments of joy. If you want to lead a positive life no book, no quote will help you. “You” have to start counting the good days and positivity will be knocking on your door. 🙂