Silent Screams


I had tears in my eyes and couldn’t stop myself from sharing this with all my fellow readers. The video is a story of all those acid attack survivors who even after being through such a tough phase of their lives have managed to find a way to lead a happy life. Mirror is the first thing we look into as soon as we get out of the bed and even before going off to bed. If someone destroys our face we will be devastated for life. But Laxmi Saa and others like her are a true inspiration.
I wish them all the luck and happiness in the world.


A final goodbye to 2013


With 2013 rowing to the shore it’s time for us to say a final goodbye to another wonderful year. Every year has something bizarre about it. Some people have pleasant experiences throughout the year while some wait for another year to get over there sorrows. This year means a lot to me. I owe a post to this year, so here it goes….

As soon as the calendar flipped to 2013 it brought an influx of positivity in my life. When I looked up in the sky I found millions of stars working in my favour. I discovered a new ‘me’. As I always say there is still a lot to unfold, this year has added a lot of new chapters to my life.

My love for writing was restricted to my personal diary and now here I am writing this post and sharing it with all my fellow readers. This year has given me a lot of will power to get rid of some lousy habits and adopt new qualities making me a better person.

With turning 20 this year I think I have enjoyed my last teen to the fullest. From n number of clubbing nights to unforgettable college days, from discovering my love for cosmopolitan to exploring each and every new place in Delhi, this year has given me a lot to cherish all my life.

After going through all the ups and downs of 2013 I feel every end has a new beginning. It’s for us to decide whether we have to weep over our sorrows or enjoy each and every moment of life. So let’s welcome 2014 with a positive heart and stride towards a new beginning.

Happy New Year 🙂

Is this world really, a small place?


There are thousands of people stepping on this planet every day while some are busy signing off; here we are surrounded by nearly five hundred to thousand people (according to our Facebook friend list) sharing a status or picture with them almost every other day. I have encountered a weird thing lately which has been bugging me for a while now.

The moment I have a new friend in my friend list, he or she turns out to be friends with someone; with whom I didn’t have a pleasant experience in the past. It has been happening over and over again and I am not really sure whether it happens to everyone or it’s just me.

Your new friend turns out to be friends with some bunch of girls you won’t really want to talk to. Your pretty close friend (whom you met like 1 year back) is busy uploading pictures with people who were once your really close friends.

It’s funny; so many mutual friends can or can’t be a coincidence every time. I am surrounded by so many negative energies; they are just snapping back on my Facebook wall every other day. Why can’t it be just a few friends who have no relation with your past?

Is it really a coincidence? Or god is deliberately playing games with me? Or the world is actually so small? What is it?

If it’s a coincidence: I would like to go for the other two options! Come on Coincidence has a limit!

If it’s a game: I would like to convey a message to him that it is not funny anymore. I am really pissed with those nasty people popping up on my wall every day.

If the world is actually this small: This is quite unpractical. With the growing population rate I don’t think this world is just about 500-1000 Facebook friends. Or it is?

Out of the three options I am really stuck with the third one. Let me ask each one of you “Is this world really, a small place?”