Delhi as I see it


When I started gathering pictures and videos for this project I didn’t have a clue; what I was going to make. It took me a lot of days to find a unique answer for Delhi as I see it. Gradually I realised that Delhi can’t be seen from one point of you. Being the capital of India, Delhi has it all.

From regular college days to grabing a quick bite at Hudson Lane. From the new hub for youngsters: Hauz Khas Village to the heart of Delhi: Connaught Place.
Going for a street photography class and spending time at Agrasen ki baoli.
Delhi’s nightlife is pretty amazing. I like exploring new cafes, clubs ,restaurants. It feels good when you get to see live international concerts in none other than our capital Delhi.

So in conclusion, I see Delhi as a place where there is so much to explore, so much to try; it is like an endless road that can never come to an end.


Sloshed nights at Skooter


As soon as the weekend shows up I look for my party heels and try to fit in that little dress hanging in my closet. I don’t know what is there about these weekends, every other club is jam packed but as per Zomato’s rating Skooter is the best club in Delhi.

People all over taunt me “Is Skooter your second home?” I won’t say it is my second home but that club is surely worth spending a Wednesday, Friday or Saturday night. Every time I go to Skooter I manage to make some new friends.

Deejay Simz is one of the best Deejay’s who make you boogie down to the beats all night. With the photographer Roy Raymond Henderson one can surely count on for good pictures. With often visiting Skooter, I literally have a dozen of photographs all worth a second look. After all it is always the person behind the Camera who makes you look prettier and make each and every night a memorable one.

The bar tenders treat you so well that one can’t stop before having a couple of drinks. After having three to four cosmopolitans I am ready to make my way through the crowd spilling drinks on people around and start grooving to the beats.

When I am dancing only one song comes to my mind “I don’t care I love it”. Getting sloshed with my girlfriends reminds me of the song “Everybody in the club all eyes on us”. Though my head literally starts spinning after a while but I keep dancing till the last song.

So to all the people who were really keen to know why I often visit Skooter, I guess this post explains it all. To the ones who haven’t been there yet, trust me you are missing out on some real fun. My fellow readers, who are staying in different parts of the world, do plan a Friday or Saturday Night to Skooter when you come to Delhi (India).