‘Sorry’ is just a five letter word


While driving back home the moment you bump into someone’s car you quickly get out of the car to sort things out. After fighting and negotiating for a while all you are left with is a Sorry. After waiting for 7 mins at the platform you often find yourself in a ready steady and go position; finally making your way through the crowd, you step on someone’s foot and there it goes “Oops I am sorry”. 

Being sorry is like a daily routine. It’s a tried and tested mantra which enables us to quickly get away from a heated situation. We are sorry for being late to the class or for spilling coffee in a Coffee shop. So why do we even expect someone to be Sorry when he or she has really made a big mistake.

We all make mistakes and half of the time we are even sorry about it but there is something more to it. Your mistakes will come to an end with Realisation. Once you have realised your fault; it doesn’t matter whether you have said the magical five letter word or not, your sin is nullified.

Lately I met someone, this someone was sorry for what he did few years back. He was sorry even then but this time his sorry was not just a five letter word; there was a blend of realisation in his voice. That feeling when you want someone to realise his/her mistake and finally you hear those three words “I was wrong” explains it all.

 My suggestion to all the guilty conscious people: Stop being sorry for each and everything. The day you realise your mistake just walk upto the person or drop a text “I was wrong”; this will make your conscious clear and will put a smile on someone’s face. 

So just pick up your cell phones and make someone smile today! 😀 

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