Silent Screams

I had tears in my eyes and couldn’t stop myself from sharing this with all my fellow readers. The video is a story of all those acid attack survivors who even after being through such a tough phase of their lives have managed to find a way to lead a happy life. Mirror is the first thing we look into as soon as we get out of the bed and even before going off to bed. If someone destroys our face we will be devastated for life. But Laxmi Saa and others like her are a true inspiration.
I wish them all the luck and happiness in the world.

7 thoughts on “Silent Screams

  1. Everytime i read of people like laxmi saa i realize how weak we are….we got everything…yet a good part of our life goes away cursing what we dont have….the first time i read about laxmi saa i felt bad….but after that when i stood before a mirror , i dont know what happened i couldn’t look into my own eyes….i felt too low before myselves…. what have i not got ? and what the cry for ? …everybody has got problems but not too big that we cant deal with it.. salute to people like laxmi ma’am who inspires us at all walks of life….

    • That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this video. We have it all and still we cry over little things but when people like Laxmi Saa; even after going through such traumatic incidents are right in front of us encouraging others and setting an example in front of the whole society, my problems just fade away.

    • Even I was wondering the same when I was watching the video. I don’t know what are these people upto. They have crossed all the levels of cruelty and its such a shame that these people are still out there waiting for their next prey; as if it’s some kind of a game. God bless those strong women who are fighting for the cause.

  2. While we move forward, our steps remain at the back of our head, a shame. living in an open society, still waiting for the day when we move forward.

    • With criminals like them who have crossed all the paths of humanity I highly doubt whether we’ll be able to move forward or not. I just pray for these brave survivors of acid attack and salute them for their courage to come forward and fight against the cause.

  3. That’s right, but its quite hard to digest this fact that people who are in power right now will influence or enable a punch. lets hope it gets better and people read all this steps taken by people like you and then they realize. you’re doing really well.

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