Do we really need to forgive?


Lately while thinking about forgiveness I got caught up in a dilemma; whether to rise above and let go things or should we carry that grudge to the grave. A lot of people believe that “whoever forgives first is the strongest”.  The whole story revolves around is the person worth forgiving?

When it comes to your cheating partner I would suggest never forgive him/her; the reason being even if you do manage to forgive him/her you will never build that trust again. Forgiving may become a part of your relationship but forgetting would never be on your list. You’ll gradually end up parting ways.

When it comes to your relatives, (they are on my hit list). Living in the 21st century you’ll still find some people bugging and compelling you to mark their words as the final truth. Always remember one thing you are only answerable to your family and no one else. These people intentionally forget to draw a line between your family and themselves. Forgiving these people is not a good option.

When it comes to your friends, I think here you can wave a green flag. It’s a YES!! You spend almost half of your day with them and you tend to get into stupid arguments which sooner or later you are not really proud of. Forgiving them only makes your bond stronger.

So keeping all the quotes and even my words aside for a while, just ask yourself one thing before forgiving a person “Is he/she really worth it?” It is always good to let go things only if the person is worth a second chance. Forgive only when you can forget forever!!

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