Nini in the neighborhood

Nini in the neighborhood

Did I ever mention I am an animal lover? It’s time to reveal a little secret to all my fellow readers; I love to have pets around. Four years back I found a one month old puppy wandering in my locality. I couldn’t stop myself from taking him home. On 1st July 2011 he became a part of our family.

At first, everybody had the same question in their mind “Why a stray dog?’’ I don’t understand what is so bizarre about having a stray dog at your place. In fact stray dogs are friendlier than other breeds. Adopting an abandoned is much better than biding for an expensive dog.

Nonu, I know his name sounds funny but that was the first word that came out of my mouth, when I saw him all soaked in mud. He is my only stress reliever and the best listener. Lately, he has found a new friend. Her name is Nini and she comes to our place twice a day.

To make her presence felt Nini scratches the door with her paws and there comes Nonu rushing towards the door barking at the top of his voice to drive her away. It is so cute to see the two of them expressing themselves in their own tongue. Back in my childhood I used to hear rivalry stories about cats and dogs but witnessing one is so much fun.

8 thoughts on “Nini in the neighborhood

  1. Felt good to read this!

    Animals have to put up with a lot of cruelty when they are captivated for selling in markets as pet. If we adopt street animals instead of buying exotic ones from market it will have a multitude of benefits.
    firstly, this business, which by its very nature is based on cruelty and abuse of animal rights, will start winding up.
    Second, the stray animals will get some sort of shelter and protection.
    thirdly, breeding ‘lovely’ and ‘nice looking’ species involve a lot of genetic manipulation which is ofcourse funded by the market for such animals. these animals usually are less resilient to diseases and turbulence of nature as they are not naturally evolved species, these poor things have to then depend then on us human and our artifical environment for their survival. This practice will surely discourage production of such animals.


    • Nikhil I am glad to have people like you around who are so sensitive about stray animals. There is so much of materialism around that people actually make fun of me when I take my dog out for a walk. They have a superiority look in their eyes as if there dogs mint gold.Once I get a good job I want to start a dog shelter for all the stray dogs in and around my locality.
      Wish me luck and thank you so much for expressing your concern 😀

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