The Guy You Never End Up With


You all have flings out of which some are good to recall while some are not less than a nightmare. Going out on a couple of days, trying to scan each other and there you go towards a new beginning. The three words quickly slip out of your mouth: I LOVE YOU!  It puts an end to your happy go lucky fling and turns into something you are always afraid of “A Relationship”.

The guy who seems all fun and loving in a fling gradually turns out to be someone you can never be with. After dating for a while you think why the hell I quickly nodded my head when he asked me out.  This is either the Facebook guy or someone whom you met through common friends.

The moment you see a red blink on the message bar you quickly open it to check who it is. Ahh! There he is sitting in your inbox with no mutual friends. If he has a good display picture you have a smile on your face. You quickly thumb through his profile keeping your fingers crossed.

If all seems fine you cannot stop yourself from replying him back. After exchanging few messages you exchange your pin or numbers and head towards the next station i.e “The first date”. When the first date goes out well you keep jumping from one station to another in a hurry to catch the train.

In a month everything comes to an end. What went wrong? “There was no halt”. To make a relationship successful you need to give time and a lot of patience. Skipping stations will only lead you to the wrong destination. If you really like the guy don’t let him know that before a month or two.

So he is the guy you never end up with. He may be sitting in your inbox or hiding behind some of your common friend. From now, the moment you come across any such guy remember to take halts and build a relationship that lasts forever.

2 thoughts on “The Guy You Never End Up With

  1. You are very right. Skipping stations also takes out the suspense and fun from the relationship. Its better to make sure you are giving your time to some one worth your while. Wasting time on too many only leaves you wondering and many a times heart broken .

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