Can you have it all?


The life seems so outright when you have it all. Isn’t it; from a perfect loyal boyfriend to a perfect family, from perfect friends to a perfect career. But there is always that one thing, back on your mind bugging you round the clock.

When you are shopping, after buying a dozen of clothes you suddenly realise you are short of bags or heels. After spending so much there is still that one thing; which immediately adds on to your next shopping list. You may not have the space to fit in those dozen of clothes in your closet but you’ll always be up for buying more.

When you have a perfect boyfriend, you’ll always have a doubt in your head; finding out ways to get hold of that one flaw. When your love life is going smooth and steady you always take it as “silence before the storm”. Even when you have it all you always have a question in your mind can I really have it all?

When you have a perfect friend circle- partying all night, spending the next five days to plan your next weekend, wasting time on those non-stop what’s app group chats; you’ll still feel lonely at times. This happens when you have some great friends but you don’t have a boyfriend. When you have a hazy love life you ought to feel deserted sometimes.

You always have that one thing which holds you back from shouting out loud “YES! I HAVE IT ALL”. The fact is no one has it all. Even the richest person may not be happy from inside, even the best relationship may have a tinge of lie and even the most beautiful girl may be missing out on love.

No one has a perfect life. You should be pleased as punch to lead a positive and happy life. Stay blessed: D

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