Sex and the City for Life


With the plethora of watching sex and the city here I am dedicating this post to my girls, whom I can always count on. Though we are still 19 and not one of those independent single women in their late 30s but we surely have a lot in common.

Me and my other two girls (it’s just the three of us) have been together for almost six years now, having similar encounters in our lives. Miranda who is very career oriented plus the best adviser; Samantha who is bold, good at PR and always up for some fun (I know you are going to kill me for this).

I do not count myself as Carrie just because I write but also because I have a Mr.Big in my life ironically with whom I will never end up. I have Aidan as well who will always be close to my heart but Big will always remain a part of me. Yes there was Berger who was awfully cute and a Petrovsky as well and I am sure there are many more to come. I wish I had a Stanford Blatch never mind maybe I’ll meet one in the coming years.

The Carrie in me is someone who is always up for dinners, partying every weekend, writing when she is alone, shopping like it is the last day on earth, spending alone time, hiding her emotions and portraying herself as a strong, fun woman. Yes it is me!

Coming back to the girls, I have realised one thing that we can surely be each other’s soul mates. Sometimes I feel I have a little bit of Charlotte in me with the entire optimistic attitude, very delicate about relationships, not easily giving in.

Even when you don’t have it all if you have friends like them, one can never be tipped over. This is me and my girls and I hope that I’ll be writing this post once again in my late 30’s cherishing some more memories with you all.

Cheers. Keep smiling 😀

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