May their soul rest in peace


Another bitter accident has come in the forefront where 45 people were literally burnt alive due to their inability to get down from the bus as it caught fire. I couldn’t stop myself from dedicating this post to all those 45 people who turned into ashes within 30 minutes. Its really annoying to see why can’t our government have a proper mechanism to keep a check on the safety for each and every transport. They could have got down the bus using an emergency ladder (if there was one)  or some emergency mechanism could have been initiated to save them. Till the time the ambulance came, the fire had already done the damage. Our government always needs a bombshell before coming into action. Even if it was a private bus, why can’t they issue a safety check for each transport? After all spending a few pennies on taking such precautions is much better than encountering such upsetting events. The horrifying rape which took place almost one year back (16th Dec) in a private bus and now this incident will surely hold back people from travelling in buses. Where should the general public go? How many more lives are to be kept at stake so as to bring a change? No one is there to answer all these questions. Everyone is busy working on their manifesto and claiming to be what they can never be. Sad but true!


May their soul rest in peace and may their families find a way to start a new life!

6 thoughts on “May their soul rest in peace

  1. I read about this, it is such a tragedy and my thoughts go out to their families. The Indian government can’t afford to look after the ordinary folk, they think it’s far better to spend the money sending a spaceship to Mars.

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