Questions from a new friend

My new blogger friend
She is truly an inspiration. I love to read her posts because they come straight from the heart. Her answers are sincere and her writing style reflects; even after what all she has gone through, she is right in front of us successfully living her life, helping young girls and setting an example for people all over the world. If you are up for some true life motivation then you must stop by her blog and have a look at her posts. Glad to meet you Michelle 😀


A new friend whose blog I’ve been reading had a post about this award. I wasn’t nominated but I like the questions and wanted to answer them as best I could. She’s a good writer and pretty grounded as a person. I’ve enjoyed reading her blog cover to cover.

First thank you for sharing and writing. I enjoy your style and words very much. Now here are your answers.

1) What is your biggest passion?

I have two and for different reasons.

First is Surfing because when I surf I must live only here, only now or risk being pulled beneath the waves and ending the ride. This is a time where pain does not exist for me and the only thing that does exist is this very moment. It’s a moment you at one with nature, the sun, wind, ocean all part of you. I feel as though…

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