Pain Teaches You To Move On


‘Pain’ the word itself drives us to a negative world where there is no love, family or friends. We all have dealt with some kind of pain in our life. Pain which took us years to get back on the track, pain which taught us a big lesson or pain which can’t be compared or stated in words. Following are some true incidents that will make you realise your pain is no big and if it is feel good about it; as you are truly a motivation for rest of the world.

On your first break up you must have thought; this is the worst thing that could have happened to you in your entire life. Weeping under the quilt or wandering alone on the streets; you think that is pain. Pain is when even after a love marriage you find your husband cheating on you. It is when after two years of marriage you find your husband’s coffin wrapped in Indian Flag and you are left with a daughter who is barely one year old. She decided to spend the rest of her life alone; bringing up her daughter and giving her the best. She moved on!

On being a part of a conservative family you feel awful looking at others who are wearing what they want, going wherever they want to; but things could have been worse. Think about those unfiled cases where a close relative or sometimes even the father is the one responsible for sexually abusing his daughter. People move on!

Pain is when you find your parents lifeless in front of you, at midnight on a highway. It is when you are only left with your brother who is bed ridden for the rest of his life and unfortunately your relatives turn out to be the ones responsible for the accident. The person is now working and is also taking care of his brother. They moved on!

The 16th December incident; no one of us can ever forget it. Even today I get goose bumps when I think of that young girl being brutally harassed to death by five men. Think about her companion who was there watching the whole incident. He is still alive and is probably trying to move on!

Before feeling bad about little things, be it a break up, a fight with your best friend, your family being unsupportive, you being single, your friends being mean THINK about people who have gone through real pain. The day you’ll realise that your pain is no big and it’s better to thank god for what you have you’ll be the sanest person on the planet.

If you have gone through any such big or bigger pain; think as if god has send you to this earth for some reason and by fighting your pain and moving on you are simply setting an example for rest of the world. Stay blessed 🙂

10 thoughts on “Pain Teaches You To Move On

  1. Pain is more than pain. After my past I struggle to feel anything in a world numb. Pain for many years my champion and all that was real for me. I wish you the best in your pain and to those who wish their own pain to end.

    Pain is a 14 year old girl abducted, beat, brutally and repeatedly raped and left naked in a ditch for dead. Pain is broken cheek bone and ribs, bruising over 60% of her body, a dislocated leg and broken pubis bone from the hours do sexual abuse suffered, pain is living when you wish you were dead. Pain is an attempted suicide gone wrong leaving you bed ridden after the attempt. Pain is 7 months in that bed and learning to walk again after you decide to end it while climbing free hand and just letting go.

    Pain is the look in your lovers face when they lack the power to help you anymore. I do not believe in the christian/Jewish/Muslim god but I do believe in a god. They are probably the same in the end but called by different names.

    May you find end to your pain I don’t believe mine will end until this mortal coil ends.

    • Exactly! That is the point I am trying to make here. These instances are just a glimpse of pain; which people are trying to deal with. I am sure there are a lot more bitter stories around the world. My aim is to make people realise that one must come out of the pain and set an example for others.

      I am truly shocked by this incident. I often think how can god even let such things happen. This instance threatens me to death but after going through such a rough phase; if the girl is still alive, living for herself, bold enough to write about it that calls for a big salute. I feel such people are God’s messengers.

      My pain is when I see such cases around. I just wish you a painless life ahead and I hope you could be the one setting an example for all the people out there who are on the verge of giving up!
      Stay blessed 🙂

      • I am what remains of that 14 year old girl now 29 and stuck neither here not there. I council young rape victims, girls who are thinking of suicide. I am also a writer wanna be if you read my blog you’d know its a wanna be thing not that I’m real great at it. I no longer seek to end pain but accept it is just part of me I must live with. I am a recovering cutter and have dedicated much effort to quitting and helping others quit.

        Blessing to you as well.

      • 15 years of pain Michelle and you are still here writing about it and helping others! Respect.
        I have no words to describe how am I feeling right now after reading your story but I have only one thing to say people like you are simply an epitome of strength, belief and power. I wish you all the happiness in this world. You have got a second life, I know the bruises from the past will always haunt you but feel good about the second life that you have given to so many young girls. Working for a great cause! Salute (y)

  2. First, really a nice effort ,keep it up. Oohh!! Let me be a bit selfish here,coz this drove me through the reel of past having title ‘PAIN’ so keep it up (y)
    Seriously,wanna write many things regarding PAIN but let it go 🙂
    Coz it doesnt make a sense as u r already so much ambivalent and being frank dont wanna disturb the sleeping emotions inside me , but wanna say one thing for sure ,dont mind ,but u are gifted with much lv n economy so along with wrtiting ,u should first try to diminish the ladder of agony of those who are left with none but a road to sleep and left over food to relish 🙂
    N hell yeah,,,pain is also seeing someone in skooter everyday and not able to make oneself to go anyhow ,,haha just kidding to make me smile 🙂 n u may laugh my email id name 😉
    #be blessed 🙂 :*

    • As they say there are always two sides of the same coin. I would like to tell you Gurdeep that my first internship was in Literacy India where I took art and craft classes for economically deprived students from class 2nd to 8th for 2 months. I have adopted a stray dog and in future I am looking forward to open a dog shelter for the stray dogs. Just because you see me at Skooter every weekend doesn’t mean I don’t have a heart, I don’t have a soul. Every human being is blessed with one or the other thing; if I can afford to save money and plan a grand weekend and plus my parents are cool with everything I don’t think so there should be a problem with it. All I want to say is I mean what I write. If I am talking about PAIN, I have gone through it and I am very sincere in my writings. Just because I go clubbing every weekend doesn’t change the writer in me. 🙂 Thank you 🙂

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