“I quit”-can change your life


We all live in a world of attraction. As Rhonda Byrne in her book The Secret  claims that there exist a law of attraction; you all are directly or indirectly bound to encounter it. All the positive and negative energies around you are because of the law of attraction. Your thoughts and desires travel across the universe and the law brings them back to you for real.

For instance, while going to the market you think of bumping into your ‘ex’ and mind it, you have been thinking it for a while. The law of attraction is so strong that someday you’ll actually bump into him or her. Ironically many of them take it as a sign of god. One thing I have learnt lately – the law of attraction is a good way to draw you from a bad habit.

If you are a chain smoker you know, someday you may die because of this awful habit. Your inner self always keeps you aware of the pros and cons. You may end up losing your life before you could try quitting it. Start chanting “I quit”. Tell yourself “I have quit smoking” or “I will have a cup of coffee rather than a cigarette”. The law will play its game and eventually you will stop smoking within months.

If you are short tempered you tend to lose your friends very easily. Your inner self will make you numb after a certain point. You’ll start regretting the words that shouldn’t have come out. Let law of attraction make it easy for you. Start chanting “I quit”. Tell yourself “I am becoming a better man” or “I am a patient and warm being”. Your message will travel the universe and the law will make it happen within months.

If you get jealous very easily you will end up alone some or the other day. Your inner self is aware of the fact that jealousy is your weakness. You may never accept it and come up with all the justifications you have in this world. Accept it and start chanting “I quit”. Tell yourself “I will appreciate others” or “I will rather compliment; than passing a comment”. The law of attraction will automatically bring the right words from your mouth and jealousy will be replaced by gratitude.

If you have a habit of bragging about each and everything, you got to stop right now.  Trust me people hate it. No one is interested in knowing the number of cars you have, in your private parking lot or the number of dates you have been to in a month. Start chanting “I quit”. Tell yourself “I am thankful to god for what I have today”, “I believe in helping the needy ones” or “I will be true to my inner self”. The law will ultimately make you compassionate and wise.

If you have a habit of spending more than you can afford, you should stop right away. Your parents work very hard to earn a living. Start chanting “I quit”. Start telling yourself “I am not going to spend unnecessarily”, “I will save money from now” or “I will keep my feet on the ground”. Eventually you’ll see the law of attraction working in your favour. You will change from a spender to a saver within months.

The day you start using these two words “I quit” sincerely and really work on quitting your one bad habit, trust me the law of attraction will bring it to you someday. You have to believe in your inner self and keep your conscious clear. This will surely lead you to a better life.

5 thoughts on ““I quit”-can change your life

  1. Nicely written ,but most of the times people dont get to know whether a thing is a bad habit and if a person knows its a bad habit then the inside of him or her may push the person to quit it .But as I said most of them dont think of it as a bad one. Some people just go with the crowd. So “quit” is a strong word and one needs a lot of determination and a good judgement of whats right or wrong to “quit” something.

    • Our inner self is always aware of our bad habits. As I believe we all are born actors. We act according to the environment. That is why people go with the crowd. Our conscious is always aware of the pros and cons. Its us, we do whatever it takes to make ourselves a part of this dynamic environment. Quitting is indeed a strong word. If one has to get rid of a bad habit he or she has to accept this strong word in its true sense.

  2. Sometimes it isn’t as easy as this, but perhaps, it is a good starting point. To become aware of what isn’t right, and then work consciously towards getting rid of it.

  3. Its mind and heart game here.We know it will affect us adversely but we dont have the courage to face the truth. We have the time and the chance to correct it,but we dig our own graves.

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