Are you wise enough to judge someone?


While sitting on the college staircase, grabbing a quick bite in the canteen, sipping a martini in the club, standing in the metro with your earphones plugged in, rolling your eyes to the corner seat in a movie theatre you’ll find yourself making post-haste judgments.

You see a couple getting little cosy in the metro- look around and you will catch twenty people giving them awful looks. What if they are meeting after a long time? What if they are not allowed to meet each other? What if they are getting married within a month?

You see a girl popping a beer at the bar and you find her hot. You may spend the next few hours dancing with her in the club, but who will think of marrying her in the long run? What happened when you were equally drunk, tapping your feet to the floor all night?

You see a girl playing volleyball with a group of boys and there you are spending the next 45 minutes profiling her from top to bottom. What if she is not up for discussing nail colours and brands? What if she is not interested in the sizzling gossip of the day?

You bump into a girl, buying a cigarette and there you are giving her a second look from head to toe. “Oh so she smokes!” What difference does it make? Perhaps at some point of time, you’ll be the one standing right next to her asking for the same brand and maybe sharing a lighter as well.

You put your display picture with a new guy and there will be a group of people- figuring out the months you have been dating him. There will be n no. of pings on your bbm asking about this new guy. What if he is just a friend?

The whole story revolves around “What if”. Exceptions always exist, I am not prompting people to drink or smoke. It’s just a way of looking at things from a wider perspective. You should know where to draw a line. So from now before judging someone bring in the “What if” factor in you. Mind it; it takes seconds to pass a comment and years to take it back.

13 thoughts on “Are you wise enough to judge someone?

  1. Oh yes, I hate these holier-than-thou types who want to only see the bad and ugly in other people. I think when we do this, we are being the worst possible version of ourselves. A great post!

  2. Still reading beautifully put. How many times do we get upset when someone judges us unfairly? Then even in the best days we do it to others. I try not to but I know there are times I’ve done it to. I will reread these works once a week until it becomes habit to not judge. Yet another gem I am SO glad I found you today. ❤

    • Trust me I had a rough school life. I was judged at every point from grade 6th to 12th.. I am glad I have such good college friends. Even I used to judge people earlier but after writing this post; the time I find myself doing the same I automatically stop right there! After all we should imply our writings in our real life. Doing the same!
      The feelings are mutual! 😀 Good to have you here!

  3. This blog is really owsome…The way you write forced me to read the whole of it..It holds the reader… well done TANVI

  4. Well I think it has more to with our society and the media adding onto it.
    What’s starking is that its the fairer sex who has to bear the brunt of all of this..
    It’s time for us to change and the change needs to begin not at one level or two but should encompass all the sections of our society.

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