Is multiple dating the new trend?

ImageWhen I step out and look around- people holding hands, running to the movie theatre, laughing out loud while waiting for a bus or having greasy chinese across the street, there is so much love in the air.  Another morning walking through the same street, I see old faces with new ones falling in love once again.

Dating two at a time or dating one after another has become the new trend. It is like a relationship safe deposit, that if one fails, there’s the one to hold your hand on a rainy afternoon.There was a time when school term relationships resulted in successful marriages. (Exceptions still exist). People knew the significance of love. Now it’s lust over love, poly-dating over monogamy and flings over relationships.

Everyone has an urge to stand out in the race. The race of hitting a century before you get married. The race of having endless flings and calling it love every-time. The race to explore a dozen before you get a red card for the rest of your life.

The funny part is every time you think he or she is the one, you end up calling it off within a month or so. And the people practicing multi dating are indeed good at it. Some partners take years to find out the truth and face the reality.

It’s more sort of an ego trail where we are too proud to face the truth. If someone left us for no good reason; we get on a hunt to let them down. In the race of letting each other down we fail to encounter true love in our life.

We are going to repeat the history once again where the kings had a dozen of wives. We are at the verge of driving back from where we have emerged. It’s time for us to wear a monogamy hat and bring it back to life.

2 thoughts on “Is multiple dating the new trend?

  1. I’d believe that multiple dating and monogamy has no direct correlation but there is some dependence and there’s no denying that.
    However, the emotion seemed a bit more stronger than what it actually is. That’s my opinion.

    Keep writing, keep smiling.

    • Exactly. While writing I felt monogamy is a strong word to use but then the topic itself is very interesting and something we need to seriously look at. True relationships have lost their significance in the urge of exploring options.

      Emotions will seem much stronger in each and every post because everything comes from my personal experience. I do get carried away while writing but that’s the originality I wish to carry forward.
      Thanks a ton for sharing your opinion. It means a lot. 😀

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