Our Deep Dark Secrets


What is that one thing which travels with you anonymously? Is there something which the world doesn’t know about you? And by world I mean your confined world. Is there something that no one knows? From your family to your friends, from your boyfriend to your pet there is always that one thing which keeps your conscious at stake. We all are born actors. We pretend to be what people want us to be.

To pretend to be an obedient son or daughter- Even if you sneak out, pull your socks down and make an extra fold to your skirt as soon as you get on the bus, smoke a pack of cigarette every day, the n no. of one night stands you have had so far everything is a secret.

To pretend to be a loyal lover- Our eyes never get off, as we come across an eye candy. Cheating physically is typical; what about cheating mentally? Don’t you give a second look as a smoking hot opposite sex passes by? Some may even fantasize him or her as soon as they get back but still are called loyal lovers.

There are some things which are unsaid and travel with you from cradle to grave. Even at your best sleepover, where you tend to share your secrets with your friends, there will be some things which will never come out of your mouth. Even with your best friend you pretend to be what he or she wants you to be.

Do you really want these secrets to be unsaid or you are too proud to let them out. Think and pen down your deep dark secrets on a piece of paper and flush them out of your life.  Writing makes you start a fresh. Get hold of a pen and paper and trust me you can keep your conscious clear for the rest of your life.

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