How does politics affect students at college level?


As soon as Politics comes to our mind we hold back ourselves from even discussing about it. In India politics has always been an integral part of our society. With the change in time and political parties, politics has taken an ugly form of ‘communal politics’. Basically when politics is combined with community to gain power then it is called communal politics. Caste division has led to a lot of nuisance in Indian politics. All political parties are now biased on the basis of caste and class; from Mayawati supporting Dalits to Arvind Kejriwal supporting the middle class group- every decision is based on community interest.

DU (Delhi University) has been operating well since it was founded in 1922 where elections were considered a healthy exposure for the students. Now with due course of time students are so much exposed to the real communal politics that they have started applying it in their real life. Half of them jump into these elections every year while the other half prefers staying back. There is not only a lack of physical security but also mental security.

Politics has slowly infused into the college life as well. Two prominent parties in the Delhi University elections: NSUI (Congress Party) and ABVP (BJP Party) have been contesting elections for years.  A lot of violence and chaos is always seen during elections but crossing the line this time it took two Kirori Mal students being injured and many of them got arrested. A group of people supporting NSUI candidates allegedly walked into the college campus and asked one of the independent candidates from the same college to pull out of the race. After he and his supporters refused, the NSUI members attacked the group with iron rods.College elections for students have now become a way to enter into the real politics. Girl’s colleges like Gargi, Kamla Nehru, LSR etc. for instance doesn’t take part in elections due to security issues. Female candidates in co-ed colleges have to think twice before standing for a post.

It has injected a hell lot of violence and terror in the minds of college students because of which many of them now consider private universities a better option than our very own Delhi University. The whole situation needs to reverse back and our government should take a firm stand or else this may result as a drop in admissions in the coming years.

2 thoughts on “How does politics affect students at college level?

  1. Student politics should not turn nasty; perhaps DU should look at other universities in the country and the world and see how they conduct ‘political activity’. It’s an important debate though and more DU students should participate.

    • I totally agree with you. No one is actually bothered about the core issue and that is the youth is just swimming against the stream. Highly influenced by the communal politics these college elections which seemed fun at some point has now become a matter of distress. Its high time we should start acting like adults and DU should come up with a better plan.

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