Is longing for things our first priority?


What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we wake up?                                     Some try to recall their dreams, some pray while some hope for something good to happen. Singles long to get mingle, while those are committed long to take their relationship a step further. We all long for something the moment we wake up!      

Our day starts with longing for something special to happen while our day ends with waiting for the next day and the chain goes on. Satisfaction is the last thing one can think of. Rest our whole life revolves around longing for things and making them a part of our life ; that part of life which is irreplaceable.

It comes before our needs and our good deeds, comes before our grief and even our daily meals. It should be needs before wants, trust before love to avoid all the fuss. Only then our priorities will change. There will be satisfaction before greed and longing for things will be our last plead.

4 thoughts on “Is longing for things our first priority?

  1. That is a profound thought…. indeed, what is the first thought upon waking up? And certainly, longing makes up for a large part of our day.
    But here’s a counter-thought: as we grow older, we begin to see the wisdom of contentment and fulfilling the present, in all its fullness. Then longing diminishes in size and intensity… 🙂

    I must examine my first thought upon awakening tomorrow…!

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