We Call It Life

Life is not just about breakups and hardships

Life is about a new beginning every second

We all wonder why did that happen

We feel we are the most unlucky ones on Earth

But the truth is above, a lot above than we can think

Life is about the summer heat

The autumn leaves

The winter smell

Its about how you feel when you do something for yourself

Life is when you get your first Armani or LV thing by yourself.

Its when you start living for what you are

and not for what you lost in the past

Life is when you realise the losers who left you in the past were worthless

Its when you start to believe a cup of coffee alone

would never have been so amazing with a pair of earphones.

Life is when you realise being ALONE doesn’t mean nobody loves you

It actually means you have found the most amazing person on earth

and that’s YOU

You are what you need.

You don’t need anyone else when you have faith in YOU

Its all about YOU and not about people who left you.

Sounds like a tongue twister isn’t it??

This is how it is…”WE CALL IT LIFE”

6 thoughts on “We Call It Life

  1. Truly said!!! Life isn’t actually defined by your regrets bt by the instances which made u feel that yes you have accomplished something which u always wanted to…. life becomes even more beautiful when u realize that u r living this life for urself n not to impress others…

  2. Life is all about being what you are
    and not what others want you to be .
    It is about living a day for yourself, like no one is watching
    You are worth it !!

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