What next?

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The day you have a feather in your cap what is your instant reaction? Now that you have achieved something BIG this is it. Getting phone calls for a month, updating Facebook status, uploading pictures, recalling those proud moments; after a while everything comes to square one. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself “Hello there is still a lot to achieve”.
This has been the case with me since my childhood; even my astrologer once said I can never stop. I like things moving. So what have you learnt from your achievements so far? Flaunt it or want more?
The world is moving and you have to realise the fact that we are just a bitsy part of this world. Our achievements are confined to a certain circle; say 500-1000 Facebook friends.
If you want to flaunt it, you can flaunt it for life but if you want more then contentment is not an option. The moment you achieve something be ready for a bigger challenge. Never be satisfied with what you have. In the lust of achieving more someday you’ll find yourself in a position where you’ll have more than what you ever thought.

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‘Sorry’ is just a five letter word


While driving back home the moment you bump into someone’s car you quickly get out of the car to sort things out. After fighting and negotiating for a while all you are left with is a Sorry. After waiting for 7 mins at the platform you often find yourself in a ready steady and go position; finally making your way through the crowd, you step on someone’s foot and there it goes “Oops I am sorry”. 

Being sorry is like a daily routine. It’s a tried and tested mantra which enables us to quickly get away from a heated situation. We are sorry for being late to the class or for spilling coffee in a Coffee shop. So why do we even expect someone to be Sorry when he or she has really made a big mistake.

We all make mistakes and half of the time we are even sorry about it but there is something more to it. Your mistakes will come to an end with Realisation. Once you have realised your fault; it doesn’t matter whether you have said the magical five letter word or not, your sin is nullified.

Lately I met someone, this someone was sorry for what he did few years back. He was sorry even then but this time his sorry was not just a five letter word; there was a blend of realisation in his voice. That feeling when you want someone to realise his/her mistake and finally you hear those three words “I was wrong” explains it all.

 My suggestion to all the guilty conscious people: Stop being sorry for each and everything. The day you realise your mistake just walk upto the person or drop a text “I was wrong”; this will make your conscious clear and will put a smile on someone’s face. 

So just pick up your cell phones and make someone smile today! 😀 

Call for the biggest Youth Conference this summer: Changemakers Confluence 2K14



Democracy is the buzz word for our political system. Today we all know that the country desperately needs youth who personify energy ,enthusiasm,morality and diligence to come forward and then take part in national policy making.

So,here with the THIRD ROUND OF DELEGATE APPLICATION, we invite young brilliant minds to join us in the changemakers confluence and get your ideas reached to the planning commission of India.

HURRY AND APPLY NOW: www.changemakers.in


The last chapter


All of us must have gone through a phase where holding on to something was nothing but a sheer waste of time. We always try to fool ourselves with things which we want to believe and try to escape from the reality.

When the chapter finally comes to an end we try to rewrite it a hundred times to make the ending according to what we have always longed for. We try to erase, scratch and do every bit we can to write an end that everyone would love to read.

When the end is near we wait for the person to take a stand. That moment when we feel; we are just seconds away from a feeling that could change our lives drastically. While the other person makes an effort and finally those words jump out of his mouth “I can’t do it.”

We on the other hand somewhere had a feeling that the three words would be “I choose you” but as they say; brewing stories in your fantasy world will always disappoint you.

It’s better to let go and close the chapter instead of dragging it for life. It’s all about choices. You can’t stick to the last page and hope for a new beginning.  It’s same as you can’t hope for the sun to rise if you keep counting stars.

Some things are never meant to happen. God has given us a beautiful life. So lets just accept the fact and make the most out of it. 

Delhi as I see it


When I started gathering pictures and videos for this project I didn’t have a clue; what I was going to make. It took me a lot of days to find a unique answer for Delhi as I see it. Gradually I realised that Delhi can’t be seen from one point of you. Being the capital of India, Delhi has it all.

From regular college days to grabing a quick bite at Hudson Lane. From the new hub for youngsters: Hauz Khas Village to the heart of Delhi: Connaught Place.
Going for a street photography class and spending time at Agrasen ki baoli.
Delhi’s nightlife is pretty amazing. I like exploring new cafes, clubs ,restaurants. It feels good when you get to see live international concerts in none other than our capital Delhi.

So in conclusion, I see Delhi as a place where there is so much to explore, so much to try; it is like an endless road that can never come to an end.

Silent Screams



I had tears in my eyes and couldn’t stop myself from sharing this with all my fellow readers. The video is a story of all those acid attack survivors who even after being through such a tough phase of their lives have managed to find a way to lead a happy life. Mirror is the first thing we look into as soon as we get out of the bed and even before going off to bed. If someone destroys our face we will be devastated for life. But Laxmi Saa and others like her are a true inspiration.
I wish them all the luck and happiness in the world.

Come out of your shell


One thing that I have learnt lately; if you don’t come out of your comfort zone you will never succeed in life.  2 months back my comfort zone was subjected to applying for virtual internships so that I can easily sit back and work from home. Today I am conducting interviews and hiring interns for the organisation Esteem Youth Foundation.

Now when I look back, it feels good to be on the other side of the table. This wouldn’t have been possible without coming out of the shell and taking up a challenge to prove yourself that you can do much better than what you have done in the past. When I joined this organisation I had a big doubt in my mind whether I’ll be able to keep up with the job or not, but today I have actually done it.

A golden advice to all my fellow readers: You should come out of the shell and take a challenge. Within a month or two you’ll see a drastic change in your attitude towards yourself. Only our inner self is aware of the things we are afraid of. Like I was always afraid of calling corporates, cracking deals, hiring interns; but today I am right here encouraging you all to do the same! It really works. COME OUT OF YOUR SHELL.

Changemakers Confluence 2K14


Changemakers Confluence 2K14

Hi everyone,

I cordially invite all of you to the biggest youth conference this summer.
Changemaker’s Confluence 2K14: A Symposium of Ignited Minds

Have a problem with the current state of affairs? Instead of just talk, WALK THAT TALK. Youth has the power to change the nation. Vote, debate, organize, and contribute in the making of a ‘NEW INDIA’

Lacking inspiration? We are here to inspire you. Attend the 4 day conference organized by your fellow changemakers in Delhi-NCR this June. Discuss and deliberate on the country’s policy making and politics, role of social entrepreneurship and civic society, and WALK THE TALK with Indian Youth Parliament Forum. The conference will see many prominent speakers from the field of sports, politics, art, and literature. All work and no play makes you lazy, don’t worry CC2K14 is a box of wonderment, Networking, GALA DINNER, MUSICAL SABHAs, Sports, we have it all. Come one, come all. Be inspired.

Don’t get lazy this summer, get crazy. Be inspired. Be a CHANGEMAKER!

APPLY NOW!! http://www.changemakers.in/application-form.html

First Round of Registration closes on 25th March 2014
For further details Contact:
Kaarika Das ( Director, Operations) – 8826064539
Harneet Singh Kochar (Director, HR) – 9654730767
Or email us at campus@esteemyouthfoundation.org